Environment Protection

Magnetic Coupled Pumps

In the early 1980s environmental protection became a vital consideration when planning new industrial plants.

Today, it is one of the most important topics in any public discussion. In Germany, for example, strict legal rules were introduced to protect the air against pollution. The 'TA-Luft' regulation restricts the operation of mechanical sealed pumps when pumping toxic and dangerous liquids. To meet these requirements, in 1985 we introduced the sealless pump design with our own permanent magnetic couplings.

Because of the hermetically sealed design, the operation was initially limited to applications where no leakage was allowed. Since the introduction of the sealless pumps, investigative studies of pump life, availability and maintenance costs have been performed involving different pump designs, with the result that pumps with mechanical seals are less reliable and require more maintenance.

Leaking mechanical seals caused approximately 90% of repair and maintenance in the chemical and petrochemical industry. These facts led to a promotion of the magnetic coupled pumps, which today represent over 50% of our production.